Engaging with the natural notes of the (French) horn. 

Currently you will find educational videos as well as videos for playing along with. Duets, trios and larger ensembles minus a part so that the experience of playing just intonation intervals can be somewhat 'live'.  The first in the series invites you to join me in a duet. Use the harmonics of the horn to achieve simple just intonation in a few standard chords in C major (concert F). Fingerings are suggested and the notation shows the major 3rds that should be narrower than standard 12-tone equal tempered intervals.  The video is embedded below for easy access. 

Notation uses the Extended Helmholts-Ellis Just Intonation system devised by Marc Sabat & Wolfgang von Schweinitz (see their detailed explanation at https://marsbat.space/pdfs/notation.pdf).

Some of the videos below have been renamed and are in the playlist Tuning the Horn https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj-3CaGOcPF0PYFll2X_gd7T8Yjb80v1p . They are for advanced players wishing to expand their knowledge, experience and skills. 

Overview - embedded below  

3rd harmonic - https://youtu.be/Ur-WWNJARL0 

5th harmonic - https://youtu.be/Yz9anwRH_1M 

7th harmonic - https://youtu.be/YDjYnxAs6Ck 

11th harmonic - https://youtu.be/Jp1qaHl5b0g 

13th harmonic - https://youtu.be/PLnf0lW3XOs

New in 2023:

Harmonics 8-64 in three videos:

Part One (harmonics 8-16) https://youtu.be/zYgTj1Zphog 

Part Two (harmonics 16-32) https://youtu.be/u9ZMvPuXgus 

Part Three (harmonics 32-64) https://youtu.be/Ml1Yclvw7y8 

 Practical exercises: 

7th harmonic - https://youtu.be/TPmVYGvXJ2s 

11th harmonic - https://youtu.be/0KHtVSxlXI0 

13th harmonic - https://youtu.be/Yb1ugIlY6v0

French horn made simple pdf
  • French horn made simple pdf

French horn made simple pdf

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3 really important things you need to understand to play the French horn: 1. Harmonics 2. Valves 3. Air pressure

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 Trio in Free Time Nr. 2 using harmonics 4, 6, 7, 9