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Engaging with the natural notes

of the (French) horn


 The Brass Whisperer's main aim is to play with subtle music tunings and coax brass players (and other musicians) into achieving delicious harmonies. Resources for student French horn players are also featured. 


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Microtonal University

Live Stream and Concert venue

Performing Jacob Elkin's Microtone Dream #2 Peter Thoegersen's Skullen a Coldie at the Servo wM8ts - Michael Hugh Dixon horn, Gregory van der Struik trombone Michael Hugh Dixon's The Soul Will Hear - Wendy Dixon soprano, Michael Hugh Dixon horn, Annalisa Solinas horn, Gergely Malyusz horn, Gregory van der Struik trombone.


American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM)


Live stream performance of 'Seek A Lowly Place' 'A Hundred Valleys, middle section' 'Rivers & Seas' as a three movement work for solo horn with pre-recorded horn ensemble.