LEVEL IT UP - Multi-level development program for (French) horn players from the very first note. Each video gives you the opportunity to play the notes, develop a secure sound and accuracy whilst playing along with an ensemble of horns.

Levels 1 to 9 have the note C as the first note (F horn harmonic number 4, B♭ horn harmonic number 3). If you find E an easier note to play than C then start your journey at Level 10!

Valves are added using the same harmonics. Valve 2 in Level 2 as it is the shortest added length. Valve 1 in Level 3, then each in turn for Level 4. Valves 1+2 in Level 5. In Level 6 we play no valves, then valve 2, then valves 1+2. In level 7 we play no valves, then valve 1, then valves 1+2. In Level 8 we do the partial chromatic descending sequence of no valves, valve 2, valve 1, then valves 1+2. In Level 9 we play C then A♭, no valves then valves 2+3.

The next set of levels use the note E as the first note. I have a preference for learning on the F horn so go to the 5th harmonic E next.

You won't need the pdf to start your journey and can jump right into the videos. At some stage you will probably need to read music notation so the Pdf will show you what you are playing!