Microtonal resources & Resources for beginners.

Michael's Microtonal Method is for advanced players wishing to expand their knowledge, experience and skills.

Overview - embedded above 

Episode One (3rd harmonic) - https://youtu.be/Ur-WWNJARL0

Episode Two (5th harmonic) https://youtu.be/Yz9anwRH_1M

Episode Three (7th harmonic)https://youtu.be/YDjYnxAs6Ck

Episode Four (11th harmonic)https://youtu.be/Jp1qaHl5b0g

Episode Five (13th harmonic)https://youtu.be/PLnf0lW3XOs.


New practical exercises:

7th harmonichttps://youtu.be/TPmVYGvXJ2s

11th harmonichttps://youtu.be/0KHtVSxlXI0

13th harmonichttps://youtu.be/Yb1ugIlY6v0

Further resources

Educational resources for students from beginner level.

French Horn Made Simple shows the important aspects of playing. Harmonics, Valves, Air pressure. Know these 3 well and you can play the french horn well. Video on YouTube:



French Horn Beginners: Learn Playing Duets gives you a practice-buddy. Practising is more interesting when shared. Series 1, Part 1 is free on my YouTube channel: .


Part 1 has 7 sessions. Each session has 3 duets. In the first you play the note C as whole notes. In the second you play the note C as half notes. In the third you play C as quarter notes. The pace is very gradual.

Modular Horns - 6 in the series so far.  Available on YouTube:  


Easy repetitive musical cells for near beginner (French) horn players. Group work supplement. Simple rhythm with variations encouraged. As few as two notes in a musical cell, for those students who don't always remember how to play their notes from one week to the next. A student can play one cell along with the music for the duration or change to another musical cell at will. For single F horns or single B-flat horns or double horns. 

Multi-moded may suit more advanced students undergoing embouchure rehabilitation. The pitch range is small and the pieces consolidate earlier learning.

Easy Chromatic fingering: video further down this page. 

Scales: fingerings to achieve good intonation for chords. All majors & minors 


Chord progressions in simple just intonation:  


Transposition: Easy steps to transpose using the Cycle of 5ths. 


Modular music for those with a year or so experience.

Multi-moded for horn & piano.