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Engaging with the natural notes

of the (French) horn


 The Brass Whisperer's main aim is to play with subtle music tunings and coax brass players (and other musicians) into achieving delicious harmonies. Resources for student French horn players are also featured. 


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Bach's B Minor Mass

Sydney Town Hall

Sydney Philharmonia Choirs present the B minor Mass of J S Bach. Elizabeth Scott conductor Celeste Lazarenko soprano Anna Dowsley mezzo-soprano Jonathan Abernethy tenor Simon Lobelson baritone Chamber Singers VOX Sydney Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra I play baroque horn in the 'Quoniam'. Also on the program is Tarimi Nulay – Long time living here by Deborah CHEETHAM & Matthew DOYLE.

Microtonal groups I play with:



Chamber music groups I play with:

Omega Ensemble

Grevillea Ensemble

Composers and groups dealing with just intonation and microtonality:

Anaphoria Island and Kraig Grady

Stephen Altoft, Donald Bousted and Microtonal Projects https://microtonalprojects.com/microtonal-projects/

William Barton http://williambarton.com.au

James Batty 

Warren Burt

Wendy Carlos

Augustin Castilla-Avilla, microtonal guitar https://sites.google.com/site/kroiserensemble/2015/en/castilla_avila

Chrysalis Foundation and Cris Forster http://www.chrysalis-foundation.org

Amanda Cole https://www.amandacolemusic.com

http://www.corporealmeadows.com info on Harry Partch

David B Doty http://www.dbdoty.com

Ekmelic Music http://www.ekmelic-music.org/en/

Kyle Gann http://www.kylegann.com

Casey Hale, microtonal guitar 

Robin Hayward http://www.robinhayward.de/eng/biography.php

Hayward Tuning Vine http://tuningvine.com

Sarah Hopkins

Kepler Quartet playing the string quartets of Ben Johnston https://keplerquartet.com

Christian Klinkenberg

Liza Lim https://lizalimcomposer.wordpress.com

Micro Fest in California http://www.microfest.org

Katarina Miljkovic http://www.katarina-miljkovic.net

Shaahin Mohajeri http://www.96edo.com/default.htm

Kaija Saariaho http://saariaho.org

Bill Sethares http://sethares.engr.wisc.edu

Sevish Music

Split Notes http://split-notes.com/about-us/

Stichting Huygens-Fokker Foundation http://www.huygens-fokker.org/index_en.html

Chris Watford, expanded bassoon techniques

Ozan Yarman http://www.ozanyarman.com/welcome.html