Fantastic Microtonal Voyage: One small step for a song, one giant leap for music.

Convenient Playlist of my just intonation horn works - on Tidal 

Ocean Street

The Brass Whisperer - TUNING THE HORN

Microtonal horns using pitches from harmonics 32-63 played in the standard horn range. Edgy harmonies and layers of polytonal arpeggios over a low F drone. 25 horn lines. The name refers to a street in Sydney yet extends to the issue of rising sea levels.
An extended version of the music present live at Sydney MicroFest 5 in June 2023.
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  1. Ocean Street

arapacana is my latest duo for 2 horns in just intonation. Annalisa Solinas and I made a video of it for presentation at the International Horn Society Symposium IHS53 which occurred in August 2021. They have exclusive access of that video through till November this year. In the meantime we released it as an audio version for the streaming services. 

I made a playlist of my compositions which have just intonation horn parts in Tidal, Deezer: