Fantastic Microtonal Voyage: One small step for a song, one giant leap for music.

Convenient Playlist of my just intonation horn works - on Tidal 

arapacana is my latest duo for 2 horns in just intonation. Annalisa Solinas and I made a video of it for presentation at the International Horn Society Symposium IHS53 which occurred in August 2021. They have exclusive access of that video through till November this year. In the meantime we released it as an audio version for the streaming services. 

I made a playlist of my compositions which have just intonation horn parts in Tidal, Deezer:

Of Fearlessness is a long meditation piece of mine in just intonation and for an ensemble of horns. It extends Section 2 of Amoghasiddhi, which is for solo horn plus 8 ensemble horns, link to that is further down this page.

Part of BT Fasmer's Review of 12 March 2021 'The composition is fascinating, especially the build-up. It might sound strange given the powerful brass tone, but silence is a vital part of the composition. Yet the most fundamental aspect is its watchful atmosphere.'

The full review is here:

Epictetus The Elder

The Brass Whisperer

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A musical journey of the life and teachings of the great Greek philospher Epictetus. Janine Grantham - flute & Matthew Farrell - cello, recorded by David Quinn of Ghostgum Audio in Brisbane; Rachel Westwood - violin & Michael Hugh Dixon - horn, recorded by Jack Garzonio of Studios 301 in Sydney.

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